Thursday, February 19, 2009

It is really happening!

Monday, February 16, 2009

RIP Heathus.

Ahhhhh adorable.

Everytime I come across a picture of Heath Ledger on the internet, I get all depressed because I remember how motherfucking amazing that man was.

Remember that I love you.

Why did shit have to change? I miss how it used to be. I miss you loving me. I wish you still wanted me. But it seems as if things are getting more and more hectic.. when all I wanted was a simple and true love. It really hurts. That you don't want to be with me. And if I'm wrong, and you do, you really suck at showing it. You know you light up my life. And I'd rather be nothing than be "just friends". Because I can't be friends with you and then have you date some other girl, that would seriously just kill me. If you have to be with someone else, I'd rather you not let me know.

Monday, February 9, 2009

We can live like Jack and Sally if we want.

Yeah, I'm hella excited about Blink 182's reunion. I haven't listened to any of their stuff in a while, but when I was in middle school I thought they were the shit. Tim has a Blink logo tattoo on his leg. We are so going to see them this summer.

Oh, and, Travis Barker is incredibly sexy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birds and ships.

I really want some sequined leggings. Oh, if only I had enough money to buy Alexander McQueen's sequined leggings. I would be so happy. Hah.

CocoRosie makes such perfect music. I have found myself listening to them so often lately.

From off to on.

So, yesterday I was informed (via an awesome package in the mail) that I have been accepted to Columbia College Chicago for the fall 2009 semester. I'm really happy about this, but due to the fact that I will never have enough money to go there, I am also quite depressed. This has been my dream since I was a kid. And now I can't take advantage of this amazing opportunity, because I'm too poor. Fuck my liiiife.

This is Columbia:
So I will probably end up attending University of Tampa in the fall. I got accepted there a long time ago, before I decided to take a break from being in school. I really don't want to stay in Tampa any longer though. This city has nothing for me. But I will be basically going to U.T. for free, because I got a shit-ton of scholarships from them. Ugh. This sucks.

This is the University of Tampa: 
(Yeah, it's pretty amazing, from an architectural point of view. It used to be a fancy hotel.)

Maybe I just need a change.

I decided to make a new blog because my old one was really dumb. So hey, I'm Kate, and I probably won't write anything that will interest you in the least bit.

(Here is a picture of me right now.)